Rare – Live Bait – Live at Clearwater

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Rare “Live Bait” Live in 1988 at the Clearwater Festival ~ 2 Originals! “Gotta Get Away” and “As Time Fades” This could very well be the only footage of the entire 5 piece Live Bait Band in existence!  The video features two of my originals, “Gotta Get Away” and “As Time Fades”, and was taken by world-renowned rock photographer Debra …

Prendimi Se Puoi

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“Prendimi Se Puoi” (Catch Me If You Can) ~ Live in Italy Filmed live at the world renowned Porretta Soul Festival in Italy, July 25, 2010 during my “All Is Well… In The World” Tour, performing “Prendimi Se Puoi” (“Catch Me If You Can”).

I Know What I Want

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Laura Crisci and the “Whoever Shows Up” Band. This time it was a powerhouse trio with Vini ‘Mad Dog’ Lopez and PK Lavengood joining me for my original “I Know What I Want” live at The Saint in Asbury Park, Jan 20, 2011. Are you yet to see the ball of flame shoot out of my hand? Well, here’s your …

Winter Song

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I took this footage at the Jersey Shore during the blizzard of 2010 (first one anyway), on Feb. 6th. The tree was outside my house, and I took my kids to Point Pleasant Beach NJ for the rest of it. There was no script, just an idea and some fun in a snow storm and the original sound track from …

Catch Me If You Can

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This was my first attempt at making a music video. I just got some video software and figured I’d try it out on Track 4, “Catch Me If You Can” from my debut CD “All Is Well”. I originally was just going to put the lyrics on it, but I found a few clips from recording the song in Gary’s studio and got a little carried away. I plan to get a lot more carried away as soon as I figure out how to use the software, but for now consider this “Take 1″. Enjoy!!