2017-09-02Song Menu setlist

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LauraCrisci.com Sept 2, 2017
AKA: Songs I Pretty Much Know and Might Be Willing to Play Tonight SetList….

Second That Emotion (D)
Chuck E’s In Love (A)
Desperado (A)
Brass In Pocket (A)
Lean On Me (D)
Right Field (Capo 3rd Fret, G)
Can’t Find My Way Home (D)
Lazy Bones (C)
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (A)
Mighty Quinn (D)
Like a Rolling Stone (capo 2nd fret G)
You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (A)
Buckets of Rain (D)
Don’t Think Twice (C)
I Shall Be Released (A)
If I Needed Someone (D)
Norwegian Wood (D)
I’ve Just Seen A Face (C)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (C)
House Of The Rising Sun (C)
Blowin’ In The Wind (Capo G chord – key of A)
Hide Your Love Away (D)
Rocky Racoon (capo 3rd fret? – Am7)
Act Naturally (A)
Political Science (?)
Jambalaya (A)
The Boxer (G)
Fire (C)
American Girl (D)
The Rose (C)
Smile (E)
Needle and the damage done (D?)
Oh Suzanna (A)
Stop in the name of love (A)
It’s so Easy (D)
That’ll Be The Day (A)
Bring it on Home (C)
The Way You Do The Things You Do (C)
Whenever You Come Around (C)
Hide your love away (D)
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (D?)
Let’s Get Normal (martin mull, A)
Big Yellow Taxi (G)
Diamonds and Rust (Em)
At Last (E)
Nowhere In a Hurry Blues (A?)
That’s the way the world goes round
Mr BoJangles
Catch the Wind
Dead Skunk
Don’t Think Twice
Our House
Tall Buildings
The Rose
Bartender’s Blues
Mother Nature’s Son
If You could read my mind
Last Thing on My Mind
I still miss someone
Chicken Cordon Blues
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
Danny’s Song
House of the Rising Sun
Unrequited to the Nth Degree


Gotta Get Away
Mikie’s Song
Said and Done
Free Tickets to Carnegie Hall
Maybe Tonight
Catch Me if You Can
Further Down the Road
Eternity (The Sailing Song)
My Gentleman
Back To When
Can You Hear Me Now?
Baby You Saved Me
Broken Ferris Wheel
As Time Fades
Until They Meet Again
I’m Done Waiting
A Look and a Sigh
Maybe You’re the Reason
It’s My Faith
Waiting To See
Don’t Touch Me
Winter Song
Deaf Ears