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These are a few of my favorite videos from ‘back in the day’ and not so long ago as well as a couple of recent music videos with audios taken from the “All Is Well” CD… enjoy:)

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“Catch Me If You Can” ~ Music Video
This was my first attempt at making a music video. I just got some video software and figured I’d try it out on Track 4, “Catch Me If You Can” from my debut CD “All Is Well”. I originally was just going to put the lyrics on it, but I found a few clips from recording the song in Gary’s studio and got a little carried away. I plan to get a lot more carried away as soon as I figure out how to use the software, but for now consider this “Take 1″. Enjoy!!
“Winter Song” ~ Music Video
I took this footage at the Jersey Shore during the blizzard of 2010 (first one anyway), on Feb. 6th. The tree was outside my house, and I took my kids to Point Pleasant Beach NJ for the rest of it. There was no script, just an idea and some fun in a snow storm and the original sound track from my “All Is Well” CD, track number 13, “Winter Song.”  To me, this song has always been a kind of Jersey version of the Wizard of Oz, and this was the perfect storm to express that with.

“I Know What I Want” ~ Live Video With the Ball Of Flame!!
Laura Crisci and the “Whoever Shows Up” Band. This time it was a powerhouse trio with Vini ‘Mad Dog’ Lopez and PK Lavengood joining me for my original “I Know What I Want” live at The Saint in Asbury Park, Jan 20, 2011. Are you yet to see the ball of flame shoot out of my hand? Well, here’s your chance! This was my first time playing out live with Vini Lopez since 1989 when we had the band “Live Bait”. It was a wonderful reunion and great fun was had by all.
“As Time Fades” ~ 1990 Live Archive Video With Full Fireworks Finale!
This is the last song of an amazing weekend with a band I was honored to be featured in called “Stone Hill”. The players are stellar… Danny Federici (E Street Band), Tico Torres (Bon Jovi), Bob Burger, Tommy LaBella, Bruce Wacker, Steve Rava, and me, Laura Crisci:). This original song, “As Time Fades” is also the last track on my recent debut CD “All Is Well”. That was intentional, because that’s where I left off so many years ago and the theme of this song has remained as my motto through the years and has returned me to my roots in NJ, and I’m happy to say that I still have very few regrets.

“Prendimi Se Puoi” (Catch Me If You Can) ~ Live in Italy
Filmed live at the world renowned Porretta Soul Festival in Italy, July 25, 2010 during my “All Is Well… In The World” Tour, performing “Prendimi Se Puoi” (“Catch Me If You Can”).
Stone Hill Band featuring Laura Crisci and Danny Federici
“My Gentleman”~ Live Archive VideoThis is some more rare footage of another Laura Crisci original song from the lost tapes of the Stone Hill Band in 1990 at the first Sky Jam in Hunterdon, NJ. The band was fronted by Laura Crisci and consisted of Danny Federici, Tico Torres, Bob Burger, Tommy LaBella, Bruce Wacker, and Steve Rava.

Laura Crisci and Carl Asch “Until They Meet Again” Duet ~ Live Rehearsal
This video was taken during a rehearsal of the song “Until They Meet Again” in October of 2010 performed as a duet by Carl Asch and Laura Crisci. A full band duet version of this song will be available on Carl’s upcoming CD later this year. Carl and Laura will also be performing together live this June 10, 11, and 12, 2011. Stay tuned for details on the Featured Event Page!
Laura Crisci and Vini Lopez “Maybe Tonight” ~ Live Rehearsal Jan 19, 2011
Laura Crisci and Vini Lopez rehearsing “Maybe Tonight”. This is the first time I got to hear the drum part in the song that I heard in my head when I wrote it. This is a kind of part two of the ‘birth’ of a song. I first recorded it right when I wrote it, then had PK over and he added the guitar. Now Vini adds the drums and we put those parts together for the first time at The Saint in Asbury Park (Jan 20, 2011) who knows where the song will go from there. Enjoy!

Laura Crisci and PK Lavengood – Live in the Living Room “Further Down The Road”
Laura Crisci and PK Lavengood, Live in the Living Room, hanging out, like we do, learning my brand new song called “Further Down The Road”. This was our first pass at it being recorded and even though there was some background noise from the kids in the kitchen, it came out well enough and he had to go right after so I decided to post it as is. Mainly for those who would like to follow the birth of a song through it’s various stages until it makes its way into the studio. I posted the very first recording of it as soon as it was ‘birthed’ and now this is phase two, sharing it with a trusted friend to add his energy to the songs creation.
Laura Crisci “Can You Hear Me Now?” ~ New Song Debut- Dec28,2010
I wrote this song about a year or so ago and forgot all about it (like I do:) It had been bouncing around in my head for a day or so and I came across it and figured I’d finally record it during the last blizzard of 2010. That day, there was 3 feet of snow out on the streets at the Jersey Shore!! Perfect time to stay in and do a little playin’. Enjoy:)

Rare “Live Bait” Live in 1988 at the Clearwater Festival ~ 2 Originals!
“Gotta Get Away” and “As Time Fades”
This could very well be the only footage of the entire 5 piece Live Bait Band in existence!  The video features two of my originals, “Gotta Get Away” and “As Time Fades”, and was taken by world-renowned rock photographer Debra L. Rothenberg at the Clearwater Festival at Sandy Hook, NJ in 1988 (I think).  It says 1987, but I don’t think Live Bait was together yet then and if so, Bob Alfano (former Springsteen band member) was yet to join the band.  From left to right the band members are Bob Alfano (keys), Don Shirokmann (lead guitar), Vini “Mad Dog” Lopez (drums), Laura Crisci (rhythm guitar), Jesse Bellfield (bass).  Enjoy this rare find!
Her tunes are a delicate narrative weave of life’s ups and downs fortified by a ringing acoustic guitar and a thumping back beat. Robert Santelli(Curator, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)Press kitsQuantcast