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"All Is Well" CD Aquarian/East Coast Rocker Review
Her tunes are a delicate narrative weave of life’s ups and downs fortified by a ringing acoustic guitar and a thumping back beat.
Robert Santelli
(Curator, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

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Laura Crisci writes about the human condition of love.  It’s about a personal journey through the bad times, the successful turn-arounds and the resulting aura of not giving up when the chips are down.  There’s no stance against congress or the President.  There are no partisan messages, accusations about the ozone or the economy here.  “All Is Well” is a fun-filled romp through the blue-collar world of this guitar slingin’ singer.  And at the end of the day that’s what rock and roll is all about.
John Pfeiffer (The Aquarian/East Coast Rocker Magazines)

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